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This Week

2nd world war Royal Navy issued armlet armband

These were worn on the lower arm – issued to non uniform dock workers in the service of the Royal Navy while loading and unloading ships and on security patrol and guard duties within dock areas.

Typical wartime construction made of canvas and elastic with dark blue print over red – ideal for a D DAY second war Display.

Front of Royal Navy armband

Front of armband

Back of Royal Navy armband

Back of armband

Last Week

American Purple Hearts

Pictured here is a Purple Heart which was made by Rex Products. Rex numbered all their medals (seen here on the bottom left edge of the medal). During the 2nd World War, an excess of Purple Hearts were produced as it was thought that American forces were likely to land in Japan, however wartime stocks lasted until the early 1970’s when they were also issued during the Vietnam war.

American Purple Hearts